Adoption takes commitment.

Sadie was recently adopted out to a family who I thought was going to be a wonderful match for her. Their application was great and it stated they were willing to put a lot of energy into training in order to help her become a great family member. The only time they’d give her up, it said, was if she showed aggression that could not be managed with professional help. Unfortunately, most applications read the same way… yet somehow they still come back sometimes.

Within two days of having her, I received a phone call stating that they did not realize how ‘big’ she was (at 55lbs) and that she was too strong to really play with their young son. She said she was just giving me a heads up about that and I braced myself to expect another call from her soon. Sure enough, within a week of adoption, I received a phone call asking me to come pick her up. Sad. See, Sadie has been in numerous homes over the past six months – I am her second foster, and this was the second time she had been returned by an adopter. Despite how great she’d been with me, she just wasn’t living up to the expectations of others.

I love each of my fosters as if they were my own, but it is still always very disappointing when they come back to me. The questions rescues ask on applications serve an important purpose – to let us know how serious an adopter is in committing to their new family member. It is so hard on a dog to be bounced around more than necessary. These are dogs that have already only survived death row because volunteers are willing to risk damage to their homes and other pets in order to give them a second chance at life – they’re not always the perfect image of what a pet should be. But that is what rescuing is all about… being able to say that you are willing to give an animal a shot that was abandoned for whatever the reason. It is very hard for me to comprehend giving up on an animal after only a week of knowing each other. It breaks my heart.

So, Sadie is safe back with me for now. She is learning more every day and I am enjoying watching her eyes light up when she learns a new command. Her perfect people are out there somewhere.

We’ve just got to find them.

9 thoughts on “Adoption takes commitment.

  1. I know…But, I’m glad Sadie is back in your wonderful hands now!!!! She will spend Christmas with LOVE and that is always the best home!!!! Hope this brings you a little encouragement to your heart tonight!!!! Hugs


  2. Sadie’s perfect home is out there I promise. I had my foster returned to me too, after 2 weeks of being with the adoptive family. Sadly, applications do not tell us everything we need to know πŸ™‚
    Also, remember, don’t feel bad because ‘Sadie was not good enough for them’. The truth is also that ‘they were not good enough for her’. πŸ™‚ It is also what the dog needs from the family, and not only the other way round.
    I went through a phase where I kept thinking the same thing – why is she not being adopted? What am I doing wrong? What is she doing wrong? But the truth is -She is a perfect pup. She is doing nothing wrong. You can’t rush perfection – the perfect home will come when the time is right. We are doing our best with the dogs. You gave Sadie a great home and a loving environment in the meanwhile πŸ™‚ Her permanent home should be one level above that if possible ! πŸ™‚ She is a beautiful girl and will make someone VERY happy (and they will also make her happy).


    1. What a great comment. Thank you! She is a great girl. She is my first pittie so it is a much more interesting experience. Seems like people expect absolutely perfect behaviors and unfortunately that is not the real world when it comes to shelter dogs! They need love and commitment.


  3. Wow, this is really important… we rescued a cat on the edge of being euthanized and paid very close attention to everything the behavioral specialist told us to make sure he made a good transition. I can say honestly he is the most devoted cat we have, so worth all the extra effort in the beginning. A rescue is so worth it!!! I just wish people listened! Great post!


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