I am finally a member of the foster failure club!

I’ve been fostering for just over a year now and have had many lovely dogs in and out of my home during that time. Each time a new dog comes into my life, I have to coach myself on letting them go to a wonderful new family even though it sometimes hurts. Fostering is an incredibly difficult job, but with it comes so much joy. Every dog is so unique and wonderful – I have yet to have a foster that I wouldn’t love to spend forever with. Still, I’ve always been really good at letting go. I cry when I say goodbye, but I feel great knowing that I helped save the life of an abandoned pup in need.

Until now.

Colt showed up on my news feed a few weeks ago as a stray in Denver who was breaking down in the shelter environment. Due to aggression in his kennel, he was set to be destroyed if I couldn’t get him out. I begged my facebook friends to open up their homes for him, at least temporarily, so we could get him out. Unfortunately, he needed an experienced foster – particularly, one familiar with the German Shepherd Dog. I’ve gotten pretty used to the disappointment of knowing a dog didn’t make it out after I’ve tried to get people to help him. I’m used to it, but this one was hurting me. He was pretty much a twin to my own shepherd, Versailles, and I couldn’t let him go.

The picture above kept making me come back to see if he had been saved. I eventually stepped in and offered to take him temporarily, despite having my own lab, german shepherd, and foster dog Sadie already in my apartment. He was dropped off with me – all 45lbs of him – and I fell in love. So did my own dogs, who thought he was just the best thing ever. And, finally, my boyfriend … who was in agreement that this little muffin wasn’t going anywhere.

He is not the perfect dog. He has some aggression towards people that requires serious rehabilitation. I’ve never dealt with an issue like his with my own dogs, but I’m committed to making it work. This hilarious little goober, despite all of his quirks, fits in with us just fine. Welcome to the family, bud.

From left to right – Colt, Bailey, Versailles.

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