Coyote Song Trail

At the recommendation of this blogger, Versailles and I headed out to Coyote Song Trail. Amazingly, this trail was only about 15 minutes away from our apartment and easy to access. Now that spring is finally here we will be making a lot of trips out to find new hiking spots. Both of us could certainly use the exercise! Here are just a few snapshots from the hike. Even though I’m not a fan of winter or cold weather, I definitely can’t say Colorado isn’t a gorgeous state to live in!

6 thoughts on “Coyote Song Trail

  1. What a gorgeous German Shepherd! I’m glad to meet you and your dog. I saw your post on BlogPaws introduce yourself. I agree about Colorado being beautiful. It is our dream state to live in and we are always looking online for housing. I love mountains!


    1. Thank you so much! She is a great dog and loves to be my model for photos. My other two are a lot less excited about it. It is a great state and very dog friendly – I’ve moved away once and ended up coming back. So nice to meet you!


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