Available for Adoption – Eddie & Poppy

Today I got to take photos of two adorable little foster pups, Eddie and Poppy. Poppy, the chiweenie, has somehow been in a foster home for about four MONTHS! I can’t imagine why – she was so happy to see me (although a bit camera shy) and even gave me some kisses. Eddie, her foster brother, was equally loving and excited to take some photos. Know anybody in Colorado looking for a new addition to their fur-family? These two would be great for a loving family!

More information:

Eddie is a sweet, loyal, loving Potcake from the Bahamas.  Eddie was adopted in the Bahamas as a puppy and lived happily with his family for 5 years before his adoptive mom and dad moved back to the UK and were unable to afford to transport him there.  Eddie has come to Colorado to find his true forever home with whom he can live out his remaining years.  Eddie currently enjoys walks with his fosters, tea parties with his human foster sister, being dressed up by little girls and belly and chest rubs. If you think you could be Eddie’s real forever family, please apply online at http://www.outpaws.com.

Hi! I’m Poppy! I’m an 8 months old chiweenie.  I’m  very charismatic and LOVE to be right next to you. I attach pretty easily to other people and love cuddling on the couch, sitting in your lap, being right behind you wherever you go! I am almost potty trained and do best when you praise me for doing what you want me to! I like treats and am a good eater! I get along with pretty much everyone, although I may bark when someone new comes in, just so you know someone else is here! I will occasionally bark a few warning barks at other dogs but really, I just want them to play with me! I also have a HUGE space in my heart for kids. Unlike some of my other small-breed friends, I think kids are the best to play with! I am learning to not jump up or play bite, but I am a fast learner. I really am the sweetest little dog ever and would love to be a part of your family. If you want to meet me please fill out an application.  www.outpawsrescue.com