Urgent Situation in Roswell

The insanity in Roswell continues as the Mayor denies rescues the ability to pull animals from the local shelter in order to save them. Many innocent dogs and puppies were euthanized this weekend due to local rescues inability to save them and give them a chance at life. More are scheduled to die Monday. Are you outraged yet? You should be. The Mayor, who went public with his decision on his Facebook page and received loud public outcry, has discontinued allowing comments on his page. Outpaws was able to save approximately 15 dogs from Roswell on Friday and they are now safe in Colorado… but so many more need our help. Please, be loud about this. Contact news outlets, post blogs, and contact politicians in Roswell to demand that the innocents be spared. This situation is out of control and we need to do everything we can.

Want to help? Voice your concerns. Here are a few good places to start.

Read more about the situation, published by the Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/article/roswell-mayor-suspends-all-local-rescue-groups-from-saving-shelter-dogs

Contact the Governor of New Mexico here: http://www.governor.state.nm.us/Contact_the_Governor.aspx

Voice your concerns on Twitter using hashtag #‎saveroswelldogs‬

Sign the petition to allow New Mexico rescues to help here: http://www.change.org/petitions/dennis-j-kintigh-allow-new-mexico-rescue-groups-to-rescue-dogs-from-roswell-animal-control?share_id=tkCQOelEoS&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

More contacts and information posted by Carrie Thornburgh, President of Outpaws:

Friends in Colorado and outside, we were involved in an emergency transport yesterday to save dogs at the Roswell Animal Control shelter. Due to an incident involving three dogs escaping from a temporary holding facility and a child being bitten by two of the dogs, the family of the boy picketed yesterday requesting euthanasia of 15 uninvolved dogs, simply because they had been housed on the same property. The Mayor of Roswell made the right decision in finally releasing the 15 dogs to Colorado rescues and allowed us to transport them out overnight last night.

Today, unfortunately, the Mayor has announced they will be euthanizing all animals currently at animal control and that they have banned ALL NEW MEXICO SHELTERS AND RESCUES from pulling animals from their facility. Please contact the Mayor and City Council of Roswell and RESPECTFULLY explain why this is an unfair and unreasonable position to take. Please ask the Mayor and City Council to either (1) IMMEDIATELY ALLOW STATE AND LOCAL RESCUES TO PULL DOGS or (2) PUT A HOLD ON ALL EUTHANASIA AND INTAKES UNTIL HIS INVESTIGATION OF ANIMAL CONTROL IS COMPLETE.

If any of my shelter or rescue friends in other states have proposals of ways they would handle this situation better to provide to the Mayor, they would be greatly appreciated!!! Here are the email address of the Mayor and City Council:

‘roswellmayor@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘J.Oropesa@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘S.Henderson@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘J.Best@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘n.mackey@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘n.mackey@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘J.Perry@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘S.Sanchez@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘T.Denny@roswell-nm.gov’; ‘E.Velasquez@roswell-nm.gov’

Meanwhile, in Colorado, we continue to strive to save as many as we can from Roswell and beyond. I volunteered my time yesterday to photograph a litter of six week old puppies that are two weeks away from being available for adoption through Outpaws and it really helped lift my spirits in this depressing time. With all of the sadness revolving around the Roswell fiasco, it was nice to get away and spend some time with bitey, happy puppies for a little bit. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. These puppies are not from Roswell, but they would really appreciate it if we could help save all of the doggies there.

5 thoughts on “Urgent Situation in Roswell

  1. Update: The Mayor promised yesterday that a stay of execution was in place and that no dogs would be in danger of euthanasia until Wednesday. Today, despite plenty of rescues ready to pull dogs from Roswell, five dogs were killed. One of those dogs was only 6 months old. More are on the list to die tomorrow. Please, we need your help. Keep speaking up and share this information. Let the world know it is not okay for them to get away with this. The dogs need us.


  2. I read the articles and signed the petition and shared on my FB. “There is no justifiable reason why all dogs must be euthanized due to two dogs biting a child. Those two dogs and that particular situation needs to be examined to see what actually happened. It is possible that those dogs were aggressive, or scared of children, or that the child pushed their buttons in some way.. but it is not a premise on which adoptions must be denied or all dogs killed. This is nothing short of a massacre and absolutely unbecoming of proper reasonable thinking.”


    1. Thank you so much. It is insane, especially since the dogs they are killing weren’t even in the same facility as the ones that attacked. Outpaws is taking as many as we can but without more fosters we are limited.


  3. The mayor is hiding something how sick can you be when you have rescuers and he won’t allow release of these dogs!! He’s getting paid, bring the news media in now!!! This mayor is a heartless lame ass loser scumbag!!!! Investigate now!!!!😡😡😡


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