Introducing Slade!

Slade is a German Shepherd Dog who was saved by Outpaws Animal Rescue. He needs hip replacements before being adopted.

Slade is truly an amazing dog. He loves to cuddle, give kisses, play ball.. he gets along with other dogs (and doesn’t care about cats), cuddles a LOT, and is a perfect gentleman out in public. Unfortunately, Slade has very serious hip dysplasia and is going to need total hip replacements, which will have to be done one hip at a time. His left hip is completely out of its socket (which you would never know, as he is always happy despite the pain he must suffer). As you’d imagine, this is a very expensive procedure. He additionally has a fractured canine tooth that will need to be pulled. Having come from a gassing shelter in Oklahoma, through Kansas, and now finally at OutPaws Rescue, this boy has been through so much and just wants to love and be loved. We will be fundraising to get this kind soul the help he deserves – please let me know if you would like to help. He is a true ambassador for the German Shepherd Dog.

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