October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

I am not a “BAD DOG”.. promise!

I am not a pibble owner myself, but I have been around my fair share over the years. I have personally found that they can be the bounciest, happiest dogs who just want to wiggle and love on everybody they meet. October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, so get out there and show the world what your pittiepal is really made of! I feel a special connection to these dogs as an owner of a German Shepherd Dog, a breed that was once put on blast as aggressive the way all “pit bulls” (and all block-headed dogs in general, really) are still. In fact, I still have difficulty finding somewhere to live due to her “aggressive breed”, despite her being the friendliest little girl to everybody she meets. This just goes to show how long it takes to change the world’s view once something is deemed “dangerous” by the media.

On November 4th, Aurora, Colorado will vote on repealing the cities Pit Bull ban that has been in place. “Yes on 2D” is the official measure and I encourage everyone in the area to get out there and make a change. For more information on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Colorado, this page created by ColoRADogs has some great information. Please, educate yourself, your neighbors, your co-workers… and let’s help this misunderstood breed.

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