Our First Attempt at AKC Novice A Obedience

We were SO incredibly close! We decided to pursue our CD title in June and have been preparing like mad – our teamwork was great, but the odds were not in our favor.

With this being our first trial, I had NO idea what time we would go up – the only time slot near obedience listed was 11:20am, so I figured if we go there by 10:30am we would be golden. Wrong! We ended up going at 3:30pm, so we were both hot, exhausted, and I was feeling pretty anxious.

The routine went beautifully – she forged and crowded in a few spots, and I made some handler errors, but I really felt we had it in the bag until the end. During the group sit stays, one dog went down. Then another. One stood up. Versailles looked around confused, and sloooooowly went down… with seconds to go on the one-minute clock. DISQUALIFIED! Man! I cried and I cried, and then left quickly embarrassed at how emotional I was after such a nice run.

I emailed our judge after the show hoping to know what my score would have been had she Q’d – 193.5/200! Pretty exciting for our first time! So, we are signed back up in October and we will try again – and this time, we will SIT STAY!

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