Happy Early Birthday, Versailles

My heart dog turns 6 years old on Monday. It is amazing to think back on the years, to smile at the good times and laugh at the not so good, knowing in the big picture of things it is all just a bunch of seconds forming wonderful memories together.

When I was looking for my first working dog years ago, I had a deposit down on an East German/DDR litter. I was 19 years old and thought I wanted a mean, tough, huge dog for my first “protection prospect”. Fortunately, my mentor of the time talked me off the cliff and had me contact a wonderful breeder in Massachusetts instead, and my puppy arrived only a week later. I have never regretted my decision.

I didn’t know much then — sure, I thought I did, but let’s be real.. this poor dog has had to put up with some terrible training, horrendous handling, the wish-washy commitment of a young adult, and unrealistic expectations. She has taught me more about dogs and behavioral issues (lol) than I could have ever imagined, and every day over the past 6 years I have learned something new. Things about what I did wrong, what I did right, how to create issues and how to solve them. That not all dogs are going to be friendly with other dogs, that intelligence can be both a blessing and a curse, that sometimes when you do everything right things still go wrong, and when you do everything wrong sometimes things turn out right.

My bond with this crazy, over-the-top, pushy bitch shaped my career, my relationships, my priorities, and my work ethic. She has made me question my sanity, pushed me over the edge on numerous occasions, and has taken my lack of patience with a derp-tongue and a tail wag. She has never let me down and continues to excel at everything I throw her way, even if her body is slowing down and her age is starting to show physically. Mentally, I hope she always stays so patient with me, and so willing to try anything I ask of her.

Happy early birthday, you Ver-psycho, maniacal, rude bitch. I hope we have many more years together.



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